Plaquettes de frein certifiées pour un maximum de performance

Brake pads are a highly critical component in the operation of a wind turbine which is why we offer high performance and high quality products in order to always meet the international industry standards.

General Electric

Approuvé OEM

ISO 9001-2015


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general electric

KUMA Brake’s products are approved by one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer in the field, General Electric, in accordance with their brake system’s technical specifications.


ISO 9001- 2015

Based on a good quality products, strong customer focus, and continual improvement, the customers are assured that KUMA Brakes consistently provides the high level of reliability.

tested by


Certified by the full scale Dynamo Test with extreme cold weather (ECW) temperature test, the company has a proven performance by the smartest testing solutions in the industry.



Designed according to OEM specifications for GE, Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Suzlon and many other turbines, the products are used on the hydraulic brake Caliper on the high-speed rotor.

Constant quality control process

To maintain our high quality standards and safety of the final product, every worker, supervisor, engineer, manager and so forth is responsible for the inspection of every item being made and providing their feedback and immediate corrective action (if necessary) to ensure an absolute level of quality. Passing defective products is strictly prohibited.

Our goal is perfection.