Sintered material vs Organic material

Sintered material vs Organic material

The test performed on a brake composed of KUMA sintered material and organic material demonstrates that the KUMA Brake pads have a wear resistance 6.7 time better than the organic material which means that the generation of dust inside the nacelle caused during braking events will also be reduced by 6.7 Times.

By integrating the difference in surface area of the sintered material and the organic material, we can establish that the KUMA sintered material will have a revenue service Life 4,6 Time longer than the organic brake pads currently used.

Usually, organic brake pads used on turbines requires on average 4 replacements per years (every 3 months). The use of the KUMA brake pads would extend the brake pads service life drastically and only requires brake pads replacement every 14 months (or during the scheduled annual general preventive work)

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