Slide Accelerating the transition
to sustainable energy
Sustainability We believe that renewable energy is part of the solution to climate change and our sustainable brake pads increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste. Our brake pads manufacturing is committed to the sustainable development of our resources and frame decisions in terms of environmental and human impact for the long-term.

Sustainable Brake Pads Manufacturing

Constant quality control process
Efficient logistics system
Dedicated team of engineers and technicians
CNC high tech equipment to produce all type of quantities
Product traceability and labelling for each lot

We’re proud to always deliver the greatest product quality through our dedicated team of engineers and technicians, quality control process and efficient logistics system. This is why your quality auditors are always welcome at our production facility.

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The brake pads are a highly critical component in the operation of a wind turbine which is why we use innovative materials and processes at our manufacturing plant. In this regard, we produce optimal wear life brake pads and guarantee you an equal or better performance in comparison to those currently existing on the market.

  • Effort to reduce copper
  • Lead-free
  • Asbestos-free

We always keep
things moving
Research & sustainable development For our company, R&D is a continuous process. We strive to improve our products and innovate everyday. We always believed that ethical and responsible manner is essential to the continued success and sustainable growth of our brake pads company. Development of metallurgical powder formulations for friction material required 5 years of research in collaboration with many research partners.

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