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A wind of change in turbine brake pads

Kuma Brake Pads is designing and manufacturing high performance sintered brake pads for wind turbines. We are working closely with wind farms, wind turbines manufacturer and brake system manufacturers in order to offer high quality and high-performance products. Our team is constantly questions and challenges to create, deliver and produce the best brake pads for wind turbines at the best price.

With a yearly capacity of 20 000 sets, we have your brake pads in stock and ready to ship. You need a customized product? No problem. We manufacture 100% in house.


"Under high temperature condition during emergency braking, it was found that the KUMA Brake Pads had a 12% dynamic friction factor change while brake pads from other manufacturer gave higher dynamic friction values. This means the brake load on the rotor disc is subjected to braking loads less than existing brake pad during emergency braking "

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1-1 Rue Cotton, G4X 2E1

Gaspe, Quebec, Canada