Sintered Brake Pads

We design and manufacture optimal lifetime durability brake pads made from metallurgical powders for international high-power wind turbines. Our certified products consistently provide high levels of reliability and performance in order to help this emerging industry to reach maximum energy-production potential.

The highest quality standards

KUMA Brakes is recognized not only for our technical rigor but also our third-party accreditation which facilitates acceptance in the international market.

GE approved

Certified ISO 9001

Tested by Link Engineering

OEM approved

We built trust and loyalty

Let us earn the right to be your reliable partner for your brake pads needs.


Large stock available of brake pads replacement to reduce your down-time. From product development and engineering to manufacturing and finishing, everything-under-one-roof concept is a major advantage.

fast delivery

Responding quickly and delivering what you need fast. The result? Minimal down-time and maximum support regardless of where our customer are located.


Tested under extreme conditions, our friction materials provide better braking performance than organic play an important role in the wind turbine baking systems efficiency through minimal repair needs and maintenance scheduling.