Slide To develop and manufacture high-performance brake pads and related products to provide our clients with innovative and internationally certified solutions. OUR MISSION Slide We strive everyday to achieve operational excellence, long lasting partnerships and sustainable growth. OUR PROMISE

About Us

KUMA Brakes designs and manufactures optimal lifetime durability brake pads made from metallurgical powders for international high-power wind turbines. Our certified friction materials are formulated to have a high resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, they are subjected to rigorous quality control processes in order to guarantee the best quality product to our customers. As a result, our North American brake pads are qualified by the world’s leading manufacturers in the OEM market such as General Electric and Senvion.

KUMA Brakes was founded in 2010 by wind power sector engineers in Canada with a focus on designing innovative and superior brake pads to supply local manufacturers. After 5 years of research and development, we designed high performance brake pads  in collaboration with Université Laval and Technische Universität Berlin. In 2015, we were ready to produce the perfect brake pads and opened our production facility in Canada. Since then, our sales kept rising sharply each year and expand our production internationally through our team of experts and strategic alliances.

A Word From Our President

“As the president and managing director, I am personally committed to implement all the necessary means to promote and develop a culture of quality, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our quality management system in relation to the set objectives, and contribute to its permanent improvement”


North American Brake Pads For Wind Turbine OEMs

In meeting OEM specifications, we provide brake pads for new and existing wind turbines

such as

What’s next ?

Expand Our Activities


We are constantly innovating and developing various industrial applications. We want to provide our expertise in the industry and be a role model on an international level.

Develop Rail Industry


We strive to become a key player in the brake pads industry which is why we’re developing commercial rail brakes for the North American market in collaboration with a world-renowned train manufacturer.